Unleashing Female Power by E. Sutton

Unleashing Female Power: And Thus Training the Perfect Male by Elise Sutton How To Unleash Your Female Power: And Thus Train The Perfect Male By Elise Sutton Ladies, what are you looking for in a man? How would you describe the perfect man? How about a man that would worship the ground that you walked … Continue reading Unleashing Female Power by E. Sutton

Loving Female Authority: An Introduction to LFA & FLR

There is a huge hurdle that a woman just beginning to review information on LFA & FLR relationship dynamics and in my experience the ability to see the benefits and possible positive aspects are related to her intelligence and emotional awareness. More than anything else, a relationship based on the LFA-dynamic is not nearly as … Continue reading Loving Female Authority: An Introduction to LFA & FLR

Loving Female Authority (Part 1)

Part 1 in a Series on What LFA Can Mean for Women I am a male submissive who has lived in a wonderfully rewarding relationship where my obedience, acceptance, and submission to a remarkable and amazing woman was an amazingly formative experience. ¬†She loved me enough to insist I follow her direction and accept the … Continue reading Loving Female Authority (Part 1)