Examples for Ms. Fumika Misato

Some examples of how Photoshop can help create something erotic and sensual beginning with something graphic or even explicit. In this case, the image were shared with Ms. Fumika Misato who wrote Real Women Don't Do Housework: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Female Head of Household.  (Her website is a great place to learn!)

Unleashing Female Power by E. Sutton

Unleashing Female Power: And Thus Training the Perfect Male by Elise Sutton How To Unleash Your Female Power: And Thus Train The Perfect Male By Elise Sutton Ladies, what are you looking for in a man? How would you describe the perfect man? How about a man that would worship the ground that you walked … Continue reading Unleashing Female Power by E. Sutton

Loving Female Authority: An Introduction to LFA & FLR

There is a huge hurdle that a woman just beginning to review information on LFA & FLR relationship dynamics and in my experience the ability to see the benefits and possible positive aspects are related to her intelligence and emotional awareness. More than anything else, a relationship based on the LFA-dynamic is not nearly as … Continue reading Loving Female Authority: An Introduction to LFA & FLR

Loving Female Authority (Part 1)

Part 1 in a Series on What LFA Can Mean for Women I am a male submissive who has lived in a wonderfully rewarding relationship where my obedience, acceptance, and submission to a remarkable and amazing woman was an amazingly formative experience.  She loved me enough to insist I follow her direction and accept the … Continue reading Loving Female Authority (Part 1)