Unleashing Female Power

Unleashing Female Power: And Thus Training the Perfect Male

by Elise Sutton

Loving Female Authority - Elise Sutton

Ladies, what are you looking for in a man? How would you describe the perfect man? How about a man that would worship the ground that you walked on? A man that would focus his energy and his attention on you all of the time. A man that would treat you like a Queen, would pamper you, give you foot and body massages, and who would get more pleasure out of pleasuring you than receiving pleasure himself. How about a man that do whatever you told him to do, without arguing or complaining? A man that would not only do all of his chores like cutting the grass and washing the cars, but would also do housework, the laundry, the grocery shopping, and even the cooking. How about a man that would wine and dine you and shower you with gifts? A man that would not cop jealous attitudes whenever you talk with or spend time with another man. Above all, a man that would love you with all of his heart and who would view you as his Goddess.

Sounds like the perfect man, huh? Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? A fantasy, a dream that naïve young girls have. Well, I am here to tell you that you can have such a relationship with such a man.  As a matter of fact, you are probably already living with a man that has the potential to become this perfect man. You are already working with men like this and you pass men everyday who are like this. There are men everywhere that have the potential and even the desire to be this perfect man that I just described. The key is not where to find the perfect man but how to find the perfect man? The answer to this question lies within. You have the power to draw these men to you and to train them to be the perfect boyfriend, husband, and lover. You, as a female, hold the key.


Females have a power over men. It is within you and you just need to release it. If you will release this dominant female power within you, you will have men begging to serve you. This power can do wonders for you in life. Not only in your relationship, but also in your social life, in your career, and in every other area of your life. Right now in our society, men hold the positions of power and authority. However, they hold these positions by deceiving women into allowing them to be the dominant gender. The truth is that women are the superior gender and that once a woman unleashes her dominant power, no man will be able to stand up to her. Men become submissive and like little puppy dogs when they are confronted with a powerful woman. The good news is that you have this powerful woman on the inside and men desire to submit to her.

If you don’t believe me, allow me to refresh your memory a little. I am now talking to women who are married or who were married before. Remember when you were dating? Remember how submissive your future husband was. Think back. Remember how he was so sweet and kind. Remember how he use to bring you flowers? He would do whatever you wanted to do and go wherever you wanted to go. Remember that? Remember how much you loved him then? Let me ask you this. What changed? Once you got marred, he changed, didn’t he? He became selfish and he ignored you. He started to hang around his friends again or he watched television all the time. He started to refuse to go with you to visit your friends and family, didn’t he? He refused to go with you shopping or to the places that he once loved to go along with you just to be near you. Everything became a fight and an argument, didn’t it? The flowers and gifts stopped. He became cheap and tight with his money, didn’t he? Then there is the sex. Sex use to last all night and be so exciting but now it has become boring and fast. Once he gets his sexual release, it’s time to go to sleep. Forget about you. After all, bringing you to orgasm is too much work. What happened to the passion? What happened to the guy that you were dating?

Finish this insightful and helpful article for women beginning to explore their personal power and dominance on Ms. Sutton’s website, “Elise Sutton’s Guide to Loving Female Authority.”

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