Loving Female Authority: An Introduction to LFA & FLR

serving-pleasing-herThere is a huge hurdle that a woman just beginning to review information on LFA & FLR relationship dynamics and in my experience the ability to see the benefits and possible positive aspects are related to her intelligence and emotional awareness.

More than anything else, a relationship based on the LFA-dynamic is not nearly as sexual driven as one would think when you first begin slugging through the internet to learn more about what is and isn’t involved.

So when you hear FLA, think:

For the Woman’s Pleasure & Placing Her Needs First!

When it comes to your emotional needs, would it not be wonderful to have your husband or boyfriend absolutely devoted to you and putting your wishes first always and without compliant?

And since the sexual components of FLA & FLR seem to drown out the philosophical argument for their value then consider the answer to this question:   Over the course of your sexual life and experience, have you found men to be attentive and focused on your needs or have the men in your life tended to define sex and sexuality for you both?

keeping-him-focused-on-youWould you enjoy a husband or boyfriend who took a more active role in handling the domestic duties in your home?  You may be surprised to learn how assigning laundry and housekeeping tasks will help him feel closer to you and he will be very open to your instructions on exactly how it should be done.

Is having your husband or boyfriend watch a movie or television show with you — one that you choose — while rubbing your feet or giving you a massage a way you would enjoy spending more evenings?

Have you found that men will tend to rush sex and fail to focus on prolonging the pleasures that women enjoy?  Do you feel as if your sexual needs are important and a priority?

Consider that you may have more choices and have the ability to create a world for you and your submissive husband or boyfriend in which you can provide the direction and emotional support system that men truly need and only you can provide.

I believe that for many women, a LFA-dynamic would be dramatically more what they truly desire and would make their love stronger and more authentic.  Why don’t you consider learning how to create a loving, attentive male in your husband or boyfriend and allow him the feminine leadership he craves deep inside where he lives.

Ask any question you wish and I promise you will receive a thoughtful, intelligent response!  Ask Your Question!









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