Loving Female Authority (Part 1)

Part 1 in a Series on What LFA Can Mean for Women

I am a male submissive who has lived in a wonderfully rewarding relationship where my obedience, acceptance, and submission to a remarkable and amazing woman was an amazingly formative experience.  She loved me enough to insist I follow her direction and accept the discipline she felt necessary to administer.

I am not owned presently but if I ever am lucky enough to meet another woman with similar beliefs who recognizes the need for her authority and control and its responsibilities and pleasures I will be fortunate indeed.

Erotic Control

I know many women are introduced to the idea of female led relationships when a boyfriend or husband confesses his dirty little secret, and usually then overwhelms her with his various needs – needs that he never mentioned before and needs that seem a bit twisted and not at all what a man should desire.  And sometimes these needs are admittedly twisted and hard for even experienced D/s advocates to endorse as healthy or even useful.  This is the fate of submissive men who are left alone inside their heads for too long and have only a pornographic frame of reference for what female authority means.  (More on this later.)

I am as needy I admit, but rather than focus on why she should do this or that I thought I would instead begin this blog with a post on what women who do not believe this way of relating to be one they want to explore give up when they return to the relationship paradigm that envisions equal partnerships and where decisions are made jointly.  Here are things that do not visit relationships based on loving female authority:

  • First, by beginning a D/s dynamic in her marriage or relationship, she will greatly reduce the number of petty arguments that can grow like cancer clusters;
  • Her husband or boyfriend will not be distant or emotionally unavailable because he is focused on her and their relationship in ways few men are able to do;
  • She will not be sexually frustrated or unfulfilled because of a man who has not been taught to give a woman pleasure;
  • She will very, very rarely hear her husband or boyfriend raise his voice, be rude, or embarrass her in front of friends or family, and he won’t forget again or make that same mistake if he does;
  • She will not be made to feel guilty or manipulated to give in to a selfish sexual demand or pattern and instead will be encouraged and supported in her journey to explore her own sexuality and desires;
  • She won’t be put in the role of default maid and housekeeper because he mate refuses to help and in fact it will be her who defines the man’s chores and responsibilities;
  • She won’t watch her favorite show alone and in fact will probably enjoy a relaxing foot rub or massage while they watch together;
  • She will not be shamed or belittled;
  • She will not ever wonder where his is nor will she have to watch as he wastes times with friends she believes are not good for him or their relationship;
  • And she won’t have to    [insert your desire here]   .

And if you do find yourself being introduced to female authority and male submission then ignore any and all related pornography.  If you find porn to be tasteless, lacking story or character development, and without any erotic value then why would you expect the same group of men who make mainstream porn to do any better on female dominant porn?

There is a reason you are best suited to define his sexual world.


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